Star Riders

Star Riders exhibition is carefully designed to present a portion of the contribution of medieval Arab scientists in the field of Astronomy who were often also skilled craftsmen. This exhibition contains 17 astronomy instruments on display in the exhibit. The originals, after which they were replicated, exist today scattered in different museums of the world.

Water Clock

AH 6th Century /AD 12th Century
Manufacturer: Muhammed Bin Ali Asaati
Dimensions: length: 195cm, height: 240cm, width: 94cm
Reference: Redesigned according to the manuscript of Radwan Bin Ali Asaati (The Construction of Clocks and Their Use)
Location of Original: Eastern Gate, Omayad Mosque, Damascus
Reign: Bin Zinki (AH 549-569 / 1154 – 1174 AD)

Sun Dial

AH 696 / AD 1296
Manufacturer: Mohamed Ibn Al-Muhallabi
Dimensions: Length: 53cm, width: 42cm
Location of original: Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun
Original made in: Cairo, Egypt


AH 1057 / AD 1647
Manufacturer: Muhammad Moqim Al-Yazdi
Presented to: Shah Abbas II
Dimensions: diameter: 307mm, thickness: 7mm
No. of insertable disks: 5
Location of original: Evans Collection, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, U.K.
Original made in: Persia