Authentication Methodologies for Metal Artifacts based on Material Composition and Manufacturing Tec

AUTHENTICO focuses on the establishment of scientifically and technically- based international standards in the applicat

The Scientific Islamic manuscripts heritage (Astronomy)

The first phase of this project is focused on the documentation of selected manuscripts from Dar al-Kutub and Al Azhar L

Virtual Museum Transnational Network (V-MusT)

V-MusT is a EU FP7-funded network of excellence that aims to provide the heritage sector with the tools and support to d

The Documentation of the Cultural Heritage of the Bedouins of South Sinai

The project will develop a model for Cultural Resource Management (CRM) for the cultural heritage of South Sinai through

STRABON : Système d’Information Multilingue et Multimédia pour le Patrimoine Culturel et l

The project seeks to develop a multilingual and multimedia information system that comprises consistent units of numeric

MED-CULT : Quality Principles for Cultural Websites

The project provides a methodology and a set of tools in order to establish a stable support network, where organization

The Documentation of Egyptian Heritage dating to the Regin of Mohamed Ali in Greece and Egypt

The project aims to document heritage that pertains to the reign of Mohamed Ali in Greece and Egypt. It focuses on the d

NOESIS: Development of a Novel and Integrated Portable Non-Destructive Analysis System for the Docum

The project is designed to produce non-destructive non-invasive image-based processing techniques to aid the historical

Traditional Water Techniques: Cultural Heritage for a Sustainable Future

The project aims to create a database of traditional techniques and to focus attention on the rich and diverse water har

Toward a Euro-Mediterranean Memory: Expert Workshop on Information Systems for Arab Manuscripts.

The development of a pilot web portal for manuscript collections that can accommodate different data base structures int

Development of a Novel and Integrated Portable Non-destructive Analysis System for the Documentation

InfrArtSonic aims to develop a novel and integrated non-destructive portable system for the determination of the depth p

EUROMED Heritage II Patrimoines Partagés :Savoirs et savoir-faire appliqués au patrimoine

This project addresses issues related to the particular challenges of improving the management and development of 19th a