The Folklore Heritage is characterized by its diversity and richness of knowledge, skills and traditions passing from one generation to another; this transfer, which carries a lot of social and economic values attracts the attention of communities in all countries, whether the developing or the advanced ones; thus understanding the intangible heritage of local communities helps to open dialogues between different cultures and encourage mutual respect for the others'way of life. Folklore heritage aims at preserving the folklore of oral traditions and social practices, rituals and festive occasions, knowledge and practices concerning the nature and the universe, and skills in the production of traditional crafts. It introduces the concept of intangible heritage through various communication tools and creates a new generation which has the resources to preserve and care for the intangible heritage through provision of appropriate training for youth. The Outputs of the Folklore is represented in several aspects such as:- Books:- 1.Thesaurus of Egyptian Folklore (Volume I) 2006 2.Thesaurus of Egyptian Folklore (Volume II) 3.“Terms of Everyday Life” Dictionary 2007 4.Nubia across Two Eras 2008 5.Documentation of Traditional Handicrafts in Cairo 6.Nubian Days 2012 Films:- 1.Subou 2010 2.Nubian Palm 2008 3.Singing in Nubia 2008 4.Gold 2009 5.Pottery 2010 6.Al-Mirghaniyah Sufi Way