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BA Honors Dr. Isis Fathalla, a Pioneer of Musical Heritage Documentation


Represented by of its director, Dr. Ismail Serageldin, the BA honored Dr. Isis Fatahalla, a pioneer in Arabic Musical Heritage documentation. The ceremony was held at the Faculty of Music Education in Zamalek. The presence include Dr. Fathy Saleh, the prime minister’s advisor for heritage affairs, Mohammad Farouk, CULTNAT’s director, Dr. Yasmin Maher, the director of the Musical Heritage Documentation Project at CULTNAT and other leading figures at the Faculty of Music Education.
According to Dr. Ismail Serageldin, honoring Dr. Isis Fatahalla comes in response to her contributions to the conservation of musical heritage across decades. Her efforts come as part of a project for collecting and documenting songs and musical tracks. The project has been launched by CULTNAT, a BA research center. He also emphasizes the great significance of musical heritage as it seeks to document the musical heritage from the 1920s until 1970s, a period that is highly influential to the history of Arabic music.
On his part, the director of CULTNAT, Dr. Mohamed Farouk, praises the enriching role played by Dr. Isis and her efforts in putting together this scattered treasure. Her efforts comprise the platform to launch the first encyclopedia of Arabic music luminaries rendering it accessible to future generations. So far, five books have been published in cooperation with Dar-Al-Shorouk. These are: Um Kalthoum (first and second editions), Sayed Darwish , Muhammad Abdel Wahab, and Zakeriya Ahmad. She has also compiled the data for the book about Mahmoud El Sherif and is currently revising the data for the book about Ahmad Sedki. She has also contributed to the preparation of the data for the CD “The Giants Meet” ( Leqa’a Al Sahab – Enta Omry ) by Um Kalthoum and Muhammad Abdel Wahab. The CD is available in both Arabic and English. It is a mutual production between CULTNAT and Sono Cairo. Dr. Isis Fatahalla is currently an Emeritus professor at the Arabic Music department. She has formerly worked as the college deputy for student affairs and BA advisor for the national project of Arabic music heritage conservation supervised of CULTNAT.