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“Al-Azhar Memory Panorama”, The Icon of Cairo International Book Fair in its 48th Edition


Hundreds gathered yesterday at Al Azhar pavilion in Cairo International Book Fair in its 48th edition. The Book Fair was launched yesterday and will continue until 10 February. People gathered before the shows of “Al-Azhar Memory Panorama”, which is part of the Book Fair events. They watched an imaginary tour across more than a thousand years replete with stories from the Islamic culture that highlight the genuine essence of Islam and its tolerance that forbids extremism and advocates moderation, as stated by Mohamed Farouk the director of CULTNAT. He further adds that the heritage panorama is an Egyptian innovation patented in 2007. It employs innovative digital technologies to display items from Egyptian heritage in an interactive show prepared by CULTNAT. He explains that the show is presented on a circular panoramic screen that blends originality and high tech multimedia. Farouk indicates that a special version is prepared to display Al-Azhar heritage, where the spectator sees for the first time a coherent audiovisual presentation of the history of Al-Azhar in Arabic, English and French.
Al-Azhar Memory Panorama comprises several themes. It documents the history of Al-Azhar through its respectable attitudes, the biographies, writings, and achievements of Al-Azhar Sheikhs over the years, the architectural heritage of Al-Azhar and the well-established affiliated religious institutions, as well as the press archive of everything published about Al-Azhar. This information is demonstrated in Arabic, English and French.
Moreover, Farouk points out that “Al-Azhar Memory Panorama” is a result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, CULTNAT and Al-Azhar library. It aims at highlighting the role played by Al-Azhar over the years to disseminate moderation, contain differences between Muslim sects, and conserve the Muslim identity.