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Participates in the Celebration of the Egyptian Museum’s 114th Anniversary


CULTNAT, a BA research center sponsored by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, participates in the events held on Thursday, 17 November to celebrate the 114th anniversary of the Egyptian Museum. The celebration was attended by a number of ministers, officials of archaeological bodies and former directors of the Egyptian Museum. CULTNAT’s participation comes in the form of an exhibition for the great archeologist Selim Hassan, which includes a number of interactive digital applications to introduce the most important contributions of the famous archeologist and display his most famous work in 3D holograms. According to Mohamed Farouk, the celebration extends for two weeks.
Farouk adds that CULTNAT has also participated in the event by means of an experimental copy of an interactive digital guide by the museum’s entrance, to enable visitors to know the most important artifacts in the different halls as well as display some artifacts in 3D format. CULTNAT has also participated in the “Wall of Knowledge” of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, which is one of the applications that enable visitors to interact with a huge painting of the tomb through smartphones in order to see its artifacts in 3D.