Award Details

The Informatics Expert Award

The Arab Towns Organization offered Dr. Fathy Saleh, Director of the BA Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT), based in Cairo, the Informatics Expert Award.
In its statement, the Organization stated that the panel decided to grant Saleh the First Repeat prize in recognition of his response to the award’s vision and goals, as well as preserving the identity of the Arab towns.
The Arab Towns Organization was established in 1967, and is based in Kuwait. The Award was launched in 1983 and has Doha, the capital of Qatar, as its headquarter. It is an initiative from the Organization to preserve the identity of Arab towns after the waves of westernization they were exposed to.
The Arab Towns Organization jury included Dr. Monzer Bashier Hamdy Al-A'zamy (Iraq), Chairman, and the members are Dr. Mohammad Shaker (Egypt), Eng. Yasser El-Gaby (Syria), Dr. Saleh Abdullah El-Selouki (Libya), Dr. Mash'al Abdullah Al-Mash'an (Kuwait), Dr. Yassin Mohammed Ibrahim (Sudan), Dr. Gihad Mohammed Al-Ga'm (Lebanon) and Dr. Gasser Soleiman Al-Hareesh (Saudi Arabia).

Date: 2010
From: The Arab Towns Organization