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Patent Right Number 23651

Chairman of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology;
After perusal of Article 19 of the Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Act No. 82 of 2002, and Presidential Decree No. 377 for the year 1998 for the reorganization of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and a patent application submitted under No. 98 in the 6/3/2004 and the documents attached to it, decided;
Article 1: Patent is granted under No. 23651
to: Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage,
headquarter: Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage - Smart Village, Km 28, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road - Giza, Arab Republic of Egypt
to an invention under the name of: Culturama
Inventors names: (1) Prof. Dr. Fathi Hassan Saleh (2) Eng. Mohamed Farouk Badawy
The patent term: Twenty years starting from 6th March, 2004 and its data is in the multiple documents attached to this certificate
Article 2: This decision was issued in Cairo on 21st of March, 2007
Article 3: The competent authority has to publish this decision in the Patents magazine
Granting this patent does not give the marketing rights of the product. Marketing of the product subject of this patent is requires following the procedures and applicable rules of law for the right marketing and trading within the Arab Republic of Egypt from the relevant ministries.
The localized image of this document is not negligible only after adoption of the Egyptian Patent Office and documented by the competent official authorities.
President of the Patent Office
Eng. Nadia Ibrahim Abdallah
Deputy Head of the
Academy of Scientific Research
Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mahmoud Shoukry

Date: 2007
From: Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of State for Scien