For more than fifteen years, CULTNAT has been building databases covering the diverse fields of Egypt’s huge heritage, gathering massive data, applying and creating advanced technology, and employing qualified human resources. CULTNAT’s multilingual databases, a huge repository of heritage information, are reinforced by 2D and 3D high quality. This wealth of knowledge is disseminated through different channels which are the patented panoramic interactive display system, CULTURAMA, books, multimedia applications, documentary movies, websites, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile applications, and GIS applications.

The scope of work of CUILTNAT encompasses the Egyptian cultural and natural heritage. The former with all its facets whether tangible or intangible. Many of CULTNAT projects are dedicated to documenting the tangible heritage, starting with the Archeological map of Egypt that employs the multimedia in conjunction with the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technologies to produce a powerful documentation and management tool for the ancient Egyptian archeological sites. Information about the museum artefacts are included in website pertaining to the center such as the award winning website Eternal Egypt and the Global Egyptian Museum. The intangible heritage includes the arts and the folklore. There are projects that documents these variations based on place like the Nubian heritage and the Siwi heritage. Others that document aspects of Art such as the Stars of Music in the Arab World.

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