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لقاء السحاب
Meeting of Giants

Language : العربية

لقاء السحاب. قرص ضوئى. الجيزة: مكتبة الاسكندرية. مركزتوثيق التراث الحضاري والطبيعي، 2016.

Subject :
ام كلثوم
عبد الوهاب، محمد
الأغاني المصرية
الأغاني العربية

On July 23rd, 1963, a concert was held at the Officer’s club to celebrate the Revolution Day; Um Kalthoum and Abdel-Wahab participated in it. The late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser invited both singers to dine at his table and requested that they work together, which resulted in the production of the amazing song "Enta Omry " that was also known as the “Meeting of Giants”. The CD contains the first studio recording of the song "Enta Omry ", divided into four analytical sections, and also features a live recording of the first concert of the song.