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Al Tahra Palace : A Gem in a Majestic Garden
قصر الطاهرة

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Al Tahra Palace: A Gem in a Majestic Garden. Giza: Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT), 2009.
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Qaṣr al-Ṭāhirah (Cairo, Egypt) -- History
Palace -- Egypt -- History --20th century

Al Tahra Palace, A Gem in a Majestic Garden, publication presents a wonderful overview of one of the most cherished 20th century Presidential Guest-house in Egypt. The catalogue is the second in the series of publications, after Abdeen Palace: The Jewel of 19th Century Cairo, that document Egypt’s presidential palaces, a project undertaken in an effort to highlight and safeguard our proud cultural heritage, our national treasures and our memories. The publication introduces the architecture, furnishings and majestic gardens, of Al Tahra's cozy yet distinguished premises. The Palace, which was built by the legendry Italian architect Antonio Lasciac in 1927 as a private villa, was later in 1939 bought by King Farouk for his personal use before being transferred into a Presidential Guesthouse in 1954. The publication displays within its three chapters the history of the palace, its magnificent halls and Salons followed by a general introduction of the concept of royal gardens and its botanical features. The book is currently available in a hardcover English language edition.