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ام كلثوم

Language : العربية

مكتبة الإسكندرية. مركز توثيق التراث الحضاري والطبيعى. ام كلثوم. اعداد ايزيس فتح الله، ومحمود كامل. مدير المشروع ياسمين ماهر عبد النور. ط. 2. موسوعة اعلام الموسيقى العربية 1. القاهرة: دار الشروق، 2008.

Subject :
ام كلثوم
المطربون و المطربات المصريون
الأغاني العربية
الأغاني المصرية

A general account of the life story of one of the greatest Arab female singers of the twentieth century; Om Kalthoum. Om Kalthoum, is the first publication in the series AALAM AL MOUSIQA AL ARABIYYA (The Encyclopedia of Great Arab Music Figures), as part of the National Project to preserve the heritage of the Arabic music. The Project is carried out by the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage in collaboration with Dar El-Shorouk Publishing House. This book features four chapters, two indices of Om Kalthoum songs according to lyricists and composers, and an appendix of nine scores. The book is accompanied by audio CD containing excerpts of some of her songs.