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The Land of the Sun throughout the Ages, an Extraordinary Ambassador of the Egyptian Civi


CULTNAT has participated through the documentary The Land of the Sun throughout the Ages in the first event in Egypt and the Ministry of Culture’s celebrations for the choosing of Luxor as the cultural capital of the Arab world. During the celebration, the documentary received great feedback and interest due to its distinguished attractive narration of the history of Luxor in a sequence that takes the audience in a journey within the city of a thousand doors. It takes us through the city’s historical periods in a refined way: From the Pharaonic era to the Islamic era, and passing though the Greek, Roman and Coptic eras.
Mohamed Farouk asserts that CULTNAT’s participation in this momentous event with this film about Luxor, that does not exceed 5 minutes, comes out of keenness to enrich the activities of the ceremony in a way that highlight the cultural aspects of Luxor to attract tourism. The center contributes to this role by documenting and spreading the tangible and intangible aspects of heritage via the most recent multimedia technology. He also assures that the center cooperates with foreign cultural centers in Egypt in organizing a number of events that aim at attracting tourism to Egypt through presenting a series of films and programs that highlight Egypt’s monuments, heritage, history, and unique cultural treasures.