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Rediscovering King Tutankhamun’s Tomb


On Monday, 23 January, a lecture by Dr. Fathy Saleh, CULTNAT’s honorary director, and an exhibition demonstrating the steps of discovering King Tutankhamun’s tomb are held in the Small Theater at the BA.
Dr. Fathy states that the lecture and the exhibition are an attempt to demonstrate the events that have led the well-known scientist and discoverer Howard Carter to discover King Tutankhamun’s tomb after 5 years of hard work. They also aim at systematically demonstrating the steps of the discovery in addition to the contents of the tomb that include one of the biggest ancient treasures in history. They show the role of modern technology in displaying such steps via Virtual Reality.
Dr. Fathy adds that the lecture is followed by the exhibition “Wall of Knowledge” in the Information Technology Hall at the library Main Entrance. “Wall of Knowledge” is a wall panel that contains a panoramic image of King Tutankhamun’s tomb at the time of its discovery, and the show is done through smartphone applications that enable personal interaction through rising technology.