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Ancient Egypt - History and Civilization


"Ancient Egypt - History and Civilization"
The latest publication of CULTNAT

CULTNAT, one of the research centers of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, published the first part of a book entitled "Ancient Egypt - history and civilization" by the former director of the Egyptian Museum and adviser to the Center for Pharaonic Heritage; Dr. Mohamed Saleh.

Founder of CULTNAT and its honorary director, Dr. Fathi Saleh, said that the book offers readers, of all age groups, useful information about Egyptian history and the most important events and civilization achievements over the ancient periods, in brief.

Director of CULTNAT, Eng. Mohamed Farouk said that the Center, in collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities, present a series of four parts as publications, of Eternal Egypt project, entitled "Ancient Egypt - the history of civilization" that demonstrate this ancient heritage in a different simplified way. This is to increase the awareness of specialists and non-specialists about the Egyptian heritage, by showing a large number of images that explain and highlight the artistic and scientific creations of this great heritage.