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From Competent Manager to Effective Leader Workshop


The Training and HR Section of CULTNAT organizes a -3- days workshop in collaboration between CULTNAT and YUSRE Vocational & Managerial Training HR & BS Consultancy supporting by Bibliotheca Alexandrina that aims at developing the employees’ skills, enhance their performance, and maximize their productivity, efficiency, and creativity, for the reason that Leadership is the Science and the art of motivating, developing, guiding, coaching a Team to achieve specific objectives/goals in the most efficient and effective way. This Three Days workshop will provide the Basic and Advanced Situational Leadership Skills. The workshop was given by Dr. Mohamed Hammouda.
Duration of the Program
29-5-2016 to 31-5-2016
Number of Training Days: Three (3) Days
Number of Training Hours: 21+ hours

Objectives of the Program:
In the first topic (Introduction) we will discuss the differences between Management & Leadership.
In the second topic we will experience:
Our leadership styles.
Identifying our Employees’ Skills Levels and how to adapt our leadership styles
How & when to adapt & lead with:
Influencing / Coaching,
Supporting / Participating
The leader persona that we expect to find in our leaders
How the Leaders Work Together
Identifying our Leadership goals & Action Plan.

The Program Outlines:
In the first topic (Introduction) we will go through:
What is Management?
The 5 Management components
Leadership vs. Management
Influence vs. Power

In the second topic (Situational Leadership) we will go through:
Specify your Leadership Style.
Explain how to effectively adopt your leadership style
Assess your subordinate’s development level.
Adapt your Leadership Persona
Plane to lead each of your employees based on his development level.
Discuss the Leader’s role in empowerment his employees.
The Leaders’ Working Together Principles