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The Ancient City of Hermopolis at Bibliotheca Alexandrina


CULTNAT, along with the Calligraphy Center at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and in collaboration with the "New Hermopolis-Heritage for Development" organized an academic seminar entitled "Hermopolis and its Importance in the Ancient Egyptian Civilization: Heritage and Inscriptions" on Wednesday, April 13, in the Auditorium Hall at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This seminar highlights the influence of Hermopolis in philosophy, thought, and ancient and modern human heritage, which made it the focus and nucleus of communication among different cultures.
The seminar is divided into two main lectures entitled “The Philosophy of Hermopolis and its Intellectual Heritage” and “The Moon Influence in Thoth Home at Hermopolis: Readings in the Cosmic and Astronomical Texts.” The seminar also included another lecture combining the ancient history of Hermopolis with its modern reality, entitled “Hermopolis in Ancient Egypt.”