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Arabic Manuscripts Day and Its Cultural Awareness Value


The Arabic manuscripts day that was organized by CULTNAT and was held on April 5th, urged the need to publish the manuscript’s heritage to raise the awareness about this heritage and highlight its leading role in the development of the eastern and western civilizations. CULTNAT is always keen to participate in this annual event, to bring our moral and scientific Arabic heritage to all segments of the society.
This year’s slogan "Cultural Values and Culture of Values" is an attempt to link the cultural values of the ancient Arab civilization to the modern life; with all its current complications and challenges.
Participants stressed on the importance of heritage during the event, which enhanced the Arabic manuscript, with all its knowledge and cultures, in order to expand the horizons of contemporary minds; by extending the successful work of the ancestors reflected in the civilization of Eastern and Western nations.
The event also included various topics, such as; the contributions of Arabs and Islamic civilization in mathematics, the ethics of pharmacology in the Arab heritage, and a presentation on some of the modern technologies used in the scanning of the manuscripts, as well as, a workshop for the manufacture of “el robea el mogeib” made by the Astronomer and Mathematician, Ibn Al-Shater, along with a manuscripts’ exhibition.