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CULTURAMA Shows Took Center Stage at ITB Berlin


Hundreds of visitors from the ITB Berlin for tourism gathered in front of the shows of the “CULTURAMA” which was held during the events that extended from March 9 till March 13, 2016, to live an awe-inspiring experience through a virtual tour that presents a multi-epoch journey full of stories featuring the Egyptian civilization from the dawn of the pharaohs to the modern era, passing through the Greco-Roman, Coptic, and Islamic eras, as stated by Eng. Mohamed Farouk, the Director of the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, one of the research centers of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
Farouk pointed that the “CULTURAMA” with which the Documentation Center partakes has revived the Egyptian pavilion and attracted the visitors of ITB Berlin thus emphasizing the importance of the cultural tourism as an important factor of tourism attraction.
Farouk said that the center's participation in this international event, which is considered to be the most renowned in the field of international tourism, and which comes through the cooperation of the Bibliotheca Alexandria, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, and the Egyptian Tourist Authority, affirms Egypt's prestige and our commitment to disseminate the Egyptian civilization and its different eras that affected mankind throughout history and considered to be the origin of the world’s progress and prosperity.
Farouk confirmed the interaction of the audience with the interactive show and its harmonious details that are full of historical ambience and presented in two languages; German and English. The show is prepared by the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage. It is projected on a curved panoramic screen which blends authenticity and civilization with the latest technology in the field of multimedia. The “CULTURAMA” acquired the patency in 2007, and won numerous international awards and tributes.
The center seeks to deploy the latest technology in the documentation of the Egyptian cultural heritage - tangible and intangible - and the natural heritage, which comprises specific information about natural areas in Egypt and protectorates. The center has contributed in the documentation and dissemination of Egyptian heritage information.