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مصر القديمة : تاريخ و حضارة

Language : العربية

علي، محمد صالح. مصر القديمة: تاريخ وحضارة. الجيزة: مكتبة الاسكندرية. مركز توثيق التراث الحضاري والطبيعي؛ القاهرة: وزارة الآثار، 2015.

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الحضارة الفرعونية
مصر القديمة-- تاريخ

Eternal Egypt project had recently released Part I of a series of four books entitled ‘Ancient Egypt – History and Civilization.’ The book aims to showcase the ancient Egyptian civilization and history through the narration of the lives of the most important kings and personalities in the history of Egypt, from about 3500 B.C. until the year 30 B.C., who contributed in the creation of this history and had a lot of achievements in science, art, engineering, and intellectual creations. This book brings to us a lot of colored photographs and illustrations so that readers of all ages can enjoy the reading.