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Beit Hathor

Beit Hathor" or "the house of Hathor" is the final "ending" phase of a four years project of "Documentation of the Cultural Heritage of the Bedouins of South Sinai (2007-2011)". This project has been targeting to set a model for CRM (Cultural Resource Management) for the cultural Heritage of South Sinai through the survey, documentation, preservation, and management for the archaeological area of Serabit el-Khadim, with and for the Bedouins. This project has been carried through an EU fund, supervised by the SSRDP (South Sinai Regional Development Program), executed and managed by CULTNAT (Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Egypt). Beit Hathor is Located on the Red Sea shore close to Abu Zneima city on the way from Cairo to Sharm Al-Shaikh, Beit Hathor aims to act as a visitor center and an exhibition room for the cultural and archaeological heritage of the Serabit el-Khadim region. Despite the importance and uniqueness of the archaeological heritage of this region, bearing the traces of a heavy ancient Egyptian mining activity, it has rarely been known to the general public. Owing its name to Hathor, the main local ancient Egyptian goddess of the region, the Lady of Turquoise, Beit Hathor primarily aims to increase public awareness of the region through its exhibition rooms, publications and website and also give advice and guidance to visitors planning to visit the archaeological area.