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The Contributions of the Arab and Islamic
Civilizations : Holdings of Al-Azhar Library

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The Contributions of the Arab and Islamic Civilizations: Holdings of Al-Azhar Library. Vol. 2.  to Astronomy. Alexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT), 2006.

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Astronomy -- Arab

In the context of CULTNAT’s interest in Cultural Continuity, especially in the field of Science, and in the light of the importance of Electronic Documentation of Manuscripts in highlighting the effective role undertaken by the Arabs and Muslims in maintaining such Cultural Continuity; and in view of the fact that preserving World Heritage always was – and still is – one of UNESCO’s principal interests and concerns CULTNAT has entered into a Cultural Partnership Contract with UNESCO for the preparation of a collection of publications aiming at acquainting the World with Arab and Islamic Contribution to the advancement of Science And one of the most recent published works was a book titled The contributions of the Arab and Islamic civilizations to astronomy, including precious manuscripts from Al-Azhar Library.