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مكنز الفولكلور

Language : العربية

جاد، مصطفى. مكنز الفولكلور. مراجعة وتقديم محمد الجوهرى، ومحمد فتحى عبد الهادى. مج. 2. القسم الرئيسى. مشروع توثيق التراث الشعبى. الجيزة: المكتبة الاكاديمية؛ مكتبة الإسكندرية. مركز توثيق التراث الحضاري والطبيعي، 2007.

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The second volume of the "Folklore Thesaurus" is to be known as the principal or pronunciation volume. The first volume - The Compilation - achieved great success and was widespread in Egypt, as well as in other Arab countries. The term "Folklore Thesaurus" became a well-known item in the scientific movement, so training in how to use and apply it became an urgent requirement; hence it was necessary to issue this volume, as it represents the principal or application part, which includes the folkloric expressions contained in the classification section, as well as expressions that are not used. The index is alphabetically arranged, to make it easy for the researchers to select the appropriate expression for the elements they are documenting. It also classifies each expression and cross-references it with synonyms in the same section and in other sections of the complete work.