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الاسكندرية : المتحف اليونانى الرومانى

Language : العربية

حسن، فكري، واخرون. الاسكندرية: المتحف اليونانى الرومانى. القاهرة: مكتبة الإسكندرية. مركز توثيق التراث الحضاري والطبيعي؛ المجلس الاعلى للأثار، 2003.
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المتحف اليونانى الرومانى -- مصر -- الاسكندرية

This book represents the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, and the chosen collection represented in the book is related with the enclaves and the monuments of Alexandria, so you can find a profile about this city during the first centuries of its inception. After the documentation of Alexandria history, in the book, the chapters will take you through the corridors of the museum to explore the holdings ranked objectively, some are related to the connection kings and queens and emperors. , some are related to the gods and goddesses, some are related to the daily lives like crafts, industries, education and the arts, some are related to the expected life in the afterlife. It also concluded work terminology Dictionary explains and clarifies some of the terminologies received in the course of this work