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Star Riders : Contributions of the World' s Astronomy : The Instruments
فرسان السماء : اسهامات العرب فى الفلك : الاجهزه و المعدات

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Star Riders: Contributions of the World's Astronomy: The InstrumentsAlexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT), 2005.
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Astronomy, Arab
Science -- History

This booklet presents a graphic presentation of the acquisitions of star riders Exhibition which had been designed very carefully and accurately by the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, to present a very important part of the contributions of the Arab scientists during medieval era. Who in addition to being outstanding scholars in their knowledge, they were also very skilled in manufacturing their astronomical instruments. This booklet contains Pictures of 17 astronomical instruments like The Astrolabe, The sundial, Prayer Compass, Celestial Globe, and Terrestrial Globe. All that in Star Riders Exhibition and there are assets for the instruments in museums around the world