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سلامه حجازى

Language : العربية

مكتبة الإسكندرية. مركز توثيق التراث الحضاري والطبيعي. سلامه حجازى. اعداد ايزيس فتح الله. مدير المشروع ياسمين ماهر عبد النور. موسوعة اعلام الموسيقى العربية 2. القاهرة: دار الشروق، 2002.
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حجازى، سلامه
الأغاني المصرية
الأغاني العربية

This book contains accurately and honestly reviews with the simplistic analysis of one of the greatest musician in his era who is Salamah Hegazy and this book is divided into 4 sections: The First Section: the biography of EL Sheikh Salamah Hegazy, the beginning of his childhood, his studying in the music field and professionalism of the Arabic music with the analytical insight to his artistic journey. The Second Section: Indexing of all Salamah Hegazy works (songs and Playwrights) in alphabetical order The Third Section: All the works of Salamah Hegazy (songs and Playwrights) The Fourth Section: Statistics of Salamah Hegazy works