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Eternal Egypt reaches out to include the Highlights of the Egyptian Museum of Turin


In September 2006, The Egyptian Museum of Turin, the only museum outside Egypt whose collection is entirely Egyptian, together with The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage "CULTNAT", an affiliate of Bibliotheca Alexandrina and supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, had signed a Protocol of Agreement to add the 70 highlights of the museum in addition to the unique artifacts of the Tomb of the architect and the chief of the Great Palace called Khai (1400 BC) which was discovered at Deir el Medina in Thebes in 1906 on the award winning Eternal Egypt website. The agreement was signed by Mrs. Eglal Bahgat on behalf of Prof. Dr. Fathi Saleh, Director of CULTNAT and Dr. Eleni Vassilika, Director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin. It is worth mentioning that The Egyptian Museum of Turin will be the first museum outside Egypt to have some of its artifacts included on Eternal Egypt website.