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Travel from Cairo to Elba protected area


1st & 2nd February :travel from Cairo to Elba protected area with overnight in El Qousir the (1st) and in a camp near the foot of Elba mountain the (2nd). During these days met Elba protected area manager and staff to arrange for the trip as well as prepare camping needs.
3rd February: visit Wadi Yahamib on the route to Elba mountain. Plants photography, collection, identification and later pressing taken place during this visit.
Also 2 GPS reading taken along the route (22 13 561 N, 036 19 950 E & 22 12 781 N, 036 19 827 E Elevation 400 meters above sea level).
4th February: visit Wadi Aidieb and same activities done there.
5th February: visit Wadi Darawina and Wadi Tiwi and also the same activities done there.
6th & 7th February: travel back to Cairo same like the first 2 days