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“Meeting of the Giants” Seminar turns into a demonstration


Meeting of the Giants seminar, at the book fair, turned into a demonstration in love of Om Kulthum. This seminar was organized by CULTNAT, in partnership with Sono Cairo, to announce the documentation of "Inta Omri" Song; which was a joint project between Om Kulthum and Abdel Wahab.
The seminar opened with a movie documenting the life of Om Kulthum; through glimpses of her life as a child from the countryside to become a legendary singer combining wealth and fame. The movie also sheds light on the connection between her life, music, on one side, and the history and politics of Egypt, during an era that has witnessed dramatic changes, on the other, until her death and funeral.
The documentation and publishing of “Inta Omry” CD comes within the framework of the documentation of the “Musical Heritage of Egypt” project, one of the most interesting projects at CULTNAT. The CD includes the first audio recording of the song at the studio divided into 4 analytical sections and a video from the first concert.