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Cultural Heritage Values in CULTNAT


A Lecture entitled "Cultural Heritage Values and Means of Its Preservation" was held at the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage on Tuesday, 12th of May 2015.
It was presented by: Eng. Dina Bakhoum – Expert in Management and Preservation of Cultural Heritage.
It is mentioned in Bora treaty (Australia), that the importance of cultural heritage lies in its aesthetic, historical, scientific as well as social and spiritual values. When we look at the cultural heritage sites in Egypt (Both global and local), we find that it comprises numerous values that are different; represented in architectural heritage, urban planning and traditional crafts as well as many traditions, which still exist. To preserve this cultural heritage; we must take into account and respect these multiple values in its entirety. The lecture introduced to the audiences; what are the multi-values of the cultural heritage and what is meant by the outstanding universal value of the World Heritage. The lecture also discussed how to preserve this heritage through a deep understanding of these values and serious participation of all parties concerned.