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Recital (People’s Singer Sayed Darwish)


The Cultural Program of the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage held a recital for the Artist Marco Moheb in which he performed the best songs of the People’s Singer Sheikh Sayed Darwish with a new vision on the acoustic guitar. Some of these songs were: Ya ward ala fol we yasmin, Walahy testahel ya qalby, Zuruni kul Sana Marra "Visit me once every year."
This Recital took place in Wekalet Al Rabea - Al Moez Street - Cairo.
A brief on Sayed Darwish: His real name is El-Sayed Darwish El-Bahr, and he was considered the music modernizer and the inducer of the renaissance of music in Egypt and Arab World. Sayed Darwish was born in Alexandria on March 17th, 1892 AD. and died on September 1923 AD. He started to sing, with his fellows, the melodies of Sheikh Salama Hegazy and Sheikh Hassan Al-Azhary. He joined the religious institute in Alexandria in 1905 AD. then he worked as a singer in the cafés.