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The history of the Nubian song and its impact on society


On the 20th of January, CULTNAT organized a lecture titled ‘The history of the Nubian song and its impact on society’.
Dr. Yasser ElShayeb, director of the center said that the lecture dealt with the beginnings of the Nubian song in terms of the words and tunes and their development over the past ages, until it reached the shape it is known for today. It also talked about how the Nubian song was influenced by the Nubian community; the first one who has input some creativity and uniqueness in it and how it have been affected by the surrounding events and communities.
The Nubian song was not only affected by the Nubian community, but also it left an impact on it where many generations have grew up on its rhythms and words that formed his conscience.
The lecture was followed by a performance with the most beautiful Nubian songs by "Nubian Lights Band" using the original musical machines used by the people of the Nuba in their singings.