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CULTNAT Participates in Egypt and Mediterranean Countries through Ages


The conference of “Egypt and Mediterranean Countries through Ages” - Faculty of Archaeology- Cairo University 15 - 18 October 2014.
CULTNAT had participated in the first international conference of “Egypt and Mediterranean Countries through Ages” that was held by the Faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University from 15 to 18 October, 2014. Eng. Niveen Adel Eid (acting as Head of Islamic Heritage Unit) had contributed in the conference proceedings by a lecture titled “Documentation of Islamic Monuments as a Base for Documentation of Islamic Heritage”. The lecture discussed the importance of documentation and registration; not only of the Islamic monuments, but of all the monuments belongings such as doors and Minbars, etc. Such registration and documentation are crucial to follow the burglary action of our Islamic monuments and to assist in the efforts of their redemption. The lecture also recommended the registration of more locations on the UNESCO world heritage map; whereas documentation is a mandatory step in the process. Eng. Niveen also highlighted how documentation of the historic periods, characters, artifacts, and events related to monuments assists in giving a comprehensive image of the Islamic history and heritage at large and their role in enriching human civilization.