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CULTNAT Commemorates the World Writer Naguib Mahfouz


On the 6th of August, the center commemorated the famous writer Naguib Mahfouz, which coincides with the memory of his death in August 2006. This included the presentation of his most important novels that were turned into movies, and became one of the signs of the Egyptian cinema; as well as the presentation of documentary programs addressing his biography, which has been allocated to him as the most important Arab writer and one of the most important writers worldwide. He was known for his daring to raise social issues, the fact that made his famous novel "Children of the Alley" was prevented from being published. The program reviews some of his career life and creativity in monitoring the lives of the Egyptians, their destiny stages, virtues, and concerns. He was even compared by leading critics to Tolstoy for his ability to run and connect the multi-threads in a comprehensive painting that pleased most of the political and intellectual circles.