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Heritage Market to Display the Qualitative Union Products to Revive Heritage


CULTNAT in collaboration with the Qualitative Union held their monthly heritage market of products for reviving heritage on the 11th of August. The Qualitative Union is a civil association under construction; that displays and markets the craft work of a group of associations who are interested in the preservation of the heritage of the various governorates of Egypt including (Sinai - Halayib and Shalateen - Kafr El Sheikh - Fayoum). Moreover, the assembly offered some products for a group of women from North Sinai, that are characterized by their different embroidery and attractive colors.
It’s worth mentioning that CULTNAT organizes a monthly heritage market that showcase and offers what the different provinces of Egypt are known for and characterized by, the center displays them as a kind of tribute to the heritage value of these products and to introduce them to the public.