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Honoring the Nubian Heritage in the Opera


On the 7th of July, the Opera House honored Mr. Adel Mousa – the project manager of the documentation of the Nubian Heritage at CULTNAT - during the celebration of the International Day of Nuba, that carries the slogan (Nuba is peace), under the auspices of the Egyptian Opera House, CBC Channel Group,‘Ensan’Center, and the Coalition of Returners. The honoring ceremony came in recognition of the outstanding effort of Mr. Mousa in documenting the Nubian heritage and the leadership of CULTNAT in establishing the national project of documenting the Nubian heritage. It was Prof. Sameh Shaker; director of ‘Ensan’ Center and Mr. Mohamed Shaaban; the representative of the Coalition of the Returners, who honored the winners. The honoring included many figures within the Nubian community, among them the writer Hagag Adul, representative of Nuba in the committee of the Egyptian constitution and the activist Manal Tibi, Haj Ahmed Idris, the owner of the Nubian code idea that was used in October War and Dr. Ahmed Saleh, General Director of saving the monuments of Nubia fund.
Mr. Adel Mousa stated that the honoring was an outcome of a special and fruitful teamwork along with the support of CULTNAT, which is aware of the importance of the documentation of the Nubian heritage and the value of the Nubian civilization which is rich in its folk heritage and all that was embodied in the project of documentation of the Nubian heritage.
Mr. Mousa also added that the book titled ‘Nubian Days’ that he wrote and issued by the center in collaboration with the Public Authority for Books in 2012, was one of the reasons for his honoring; as it is the first book about the Nubian folklore that was issued in Arabic and Nubian in recognition of the Nubian handcrafts to preserve it from extinction. The ceremony was attended by a large number of journalists, intellectuals and political activists, among them was Mr. Khairy Ramadan, Mr. Magdy El Galad, Mr. Mohamed Al-Amin - owner of CBC group channels - Mr. George Isaac - the political activist in the field of human rights and Dr. Shaker Abdel-Latif, former Minister of Culture and Father Peter Daniel, President of the Egyptian Catholic Center, Mr. Mosaad Abo Fagr – the Sinian Writer, Mr. Mohamed Hashim – the owner of Merit Publishing House and a large number of Nubian leaders. The International day of Nubia is a celebration hosted by the Nubians all over the world every year on the 7th of July, to celebrate themselves, their heritage and their culture away from any political issues. The idea was put forward in 2004 by a number of conglomerates Nubian.