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Launching of Al-Azhar CULTURAMA and the Startup of the Trial Run of the Project


On the 2nd of June, Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb; Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and H.E. Minister of MCIT; Engineer Atef Helmy inaugurated the hall of the CULTURAMA of Al-Azhar Memory, where they witnessed the start of the trial run of the project.
These efforts came within the framework of a cooperation protocol signed in year 2011; between Al-Azhar and the MCIT for the setting of the project of "Memory of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif," which aims to define the role of Al-Azhar throughout his history that extends over a thousand years. This project was implemented by the library of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and CULTNAT; one of the centers that are affiliated to the Library of Alexandria and under the umbrella of the MCIT.
The project includes several topics; among which: the axis of documenting the history of Al-Azhar through his honorable stands, and the axis of documenting the biographies of Al-Azhar sheikhs and their books and achievements throughout the years, and the axis of documenting the architectural heritage of Al-Azhar Mosque and the ancient religious institutes, and the axis of documenting the press memory on all what was published about Al-Azhar. All this information will be available in three languages; Arabic, English and French through:
• The website of Al-Azhar on the internet.
• The Culturama of the Memory of the Library of Al-Azhar.
•A set of publications. The most important of which is a book titled "Selections from the memory of Al-Azhar"
Engineer Mohammed Farouk, Acting Director of CULTNAT and the Project Manager on behalf of the MCIT stated that the team has prepared a customized version of the CULTURAMA in Al-Azhar to display the heritage of Al-Azhar; so that the viewer can see for the first time a display of the various elements of the history of Al-Azhar visibly and audibly in a coherent and attractive way in front of him.
The final opening and the publishing of the outputs of the project, whether web portal, publications,and other media is expected within the next six months in December 2014.