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CULTNAT Honors the Winner of the Arab Heritage Prize by the ALECSO


On the 21st of May, CULTNAT participated in a ceremony honoring Dr. Mostafa Gad - the center’s advisor for the folklore heritage - for gaining the Arab Heritage Prize by the ALECSO (Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science) on his book Folklore Thesaurus.
The result was announced recently in Kuwait in a ceremony organized by the National Council for Culture and Arts and Sciences in the presence of Dr. Abdullah Mohareb, Director of ALECSO and Eng. Ali Hassan Alboha, Secretary General of the National Council for Culture and Arts, and a representative of UNESCO. This was the second session in the field of the maintenance and preservation of intangible heritage.
On the other hand, Ms. Yasmine Maher, deputy director of CULTNAT stated that the Folklore Thesaurus book represents the first Arabian experience in the field of preservation and conservation of folk heritage. The center has embarked many local and Arabian training workshops on the application of the thesaurus and the preparation of a specialized database for the entry and retrieval of the data using multimedia.