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First Aid for Cultural Heritage in Times of Emergency


On the 24th of March, the center’s heritage saloon organized a workshop to discuss the methods and means of coordination between the national agencies concerned with the documentation of cultural heritage in times of emergency and to review the role and efforts of official institutions and NGOs being made in this regard. Among which is the effort made by the center through its projects that document the Egyptian heritage.
Another example is the role played by the Cultural Heritage Protection Association in the rehabilitation of experienced staff on how to deal with forms of cultural heritage in times of emergency. The association reviewed its experience with the Museum of Islamic Art through a project funded by the UN in collaboration with Prince Claus Fund.

Dr. ElShayeb added that the saloon raised a number of important questions that was discussed with the present experts to reach solutions that would support the efforts made by the institutions concerned with the cultural heritage first aid.
It is known that the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage assesses the saloon once every month to discuss issues concerning heritage and in the presence of representatives from the ministries and government bodies and relevant NGOs to reach solutions and recommendations that will protect the Egyptian heritage and preserve it.