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March 2014 Lectures


The Cultural Program of CULTNAT organizes monthly internal lectures, discussing cultural topics in different fields such as history, literature, art, science, archeology, etc.
The Cultural Program unit organized during February 2014, the following lectures:
•‘Solar Energy’, by Dr. Yasser ElShayeb – director of the center on 4th February, 2014.
•‘Boggling Files: Alexander the Great’ a documentary movie on 12th February, 2014.
•‘The aquatic situation in Egypt and the concerns of the near future’ on 19th February, 2014.
•‘CULTNAT’s Got Talent’ gathering, performed by CULTNAT Staff on 5th February, 2014.
•‘Khayameya Heritage Exhibition’ for the artist Ahmed Hosny, on 24th February, 2014.
•“Egyptian Fingerprints’ photo exhibition for the photographer Galal El Messiry on 26th of February, 2014.