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Workshop on Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge, and Folklore


On the 17th of February, the center’s heritage saloon organized a workshop to discuss the intellectual property and how to protect the traditional knowledge and folklore of Egypt. The workshop was attended by many figures, as well as university professors, people specialized in heritage and folklore, and a group of experts who are concerned with the intellectual property rights.
During the workshop, Dr. Yasser ElShayeb, director of the Center, discussed the Center’s role in documenting the heritage as well as the role played by the National Committee of UNESCO to find solutions for the protection of the intangible heritage such as the traditional knowledge and folklore and how to maintain it.
The workshop also discussed the importance of patents in spreading and protecting the inventions and recording their developments.
It is known that the center organizes a monthly heritage saloon that discuss one of the issues concerning heritage, in the presence of ministries representatives and NGOs to reach solutions and recommendations aiming to protect the Egyptian heritage and preserve it.