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Shows of CULTURAMA in “Samee-Khana”


CULTNAT continued to display the CULTURAMA in several languages on the theatre of “Samee-Khana” in Seyofia district, historical Cairo from 22nd – 31st of December, 2013.
Dr. Yasser ElShayeb, the director of the center, pointed out that the Egyptian CULTURAMA is an interactive panoramic presentation that shows the Egyptian heritage starting with the Pharaonic period, passing by the Islamic and Coptic periods and ending by the modern times. It raises the cultural awareness of all sects of the Egyptian society and highlights the importance of the cultural heritage that was left by the ancestors in the form of archeological treasures, and in return motivates them to protect these priceless treasures.
In addition to the panoramic heritage show, the CULTURAMA displayed a panoramic show called “Book of the Dead” that presents one of the oldest papyri in the Pharaonic history. This papyrus speaks for the afterlife beliefs of one of the wise people who lived during the Pharaonic era named “Annie”. The show by itself is a unique experience as it is the first opera in hieroglyphic language. The opera was performed by the orchestra of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and led by the maestro Sherif Mohey El-Din who composed the opera with the musical instruments that were used by the ancient Egyptians at that time, like the tambourine, the harp, and other instruments inspired by the fragrance of that era.