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CULTNAT in the Inauguration of the ECEB in London


On the 9th of October, 2013, CULTNAT represented by Dr. Yasser ElShayeb; the director of the center participated in the opening of the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in London, after four years of restoration and rehabilitation of its building.
During the celebration, Dr. ElShayeb introduced the activities of Bibliotheca Alexandrina through CULTNAT. Moreover, he represented two of the newest forthcoming CULTNAT products; ‘Book of the Dead’ Oprah DVD and the masterpiece song of Om- Kalthoum and Abdel Wahab ‘Inta Omri’ CD. The festivities lasted for three days and were attended by several deans of Egyptian and British universities. In addition to many other people from the Egyptian community in the UK who are interested in the Egyptian civilization.
The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in London is considered one of the heritage buildings that was built in 1863 and the Egyptian government purchased it in the forties of the last century setting it as the residence of king Farouk and then converted it to headquarters of the bureau in 1943.