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CULTNAT Launches the CULTURAMA in German


In cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD in Cairo, CULTNAT celebrated the inauguration of the CULTURAMA in German on the 21st of October, 2013.
The ceremony was attended by Dr. Yasser ELShayeb; director of the center, Dr. Michael Hermes; director of DAAD in Cairo, several representatives of DAAD, the German Embassy in Cairo, Berlin University, principals of German schools in Egypt and many other figures who are interested in the civilization and heritage of Egypt.
Dr. ElShayeb stated that translating the CULTURAMA to the German language is considered the first step towards having a multi-lingual CULTURAMA, aiming to raise the awareness of Egypt's cultural heritage that extends over 5,000 years.
Besides, Dr. Hermes said that this event is an important step in the history of the Egyptian and German cultural relationship and that it will lead to further convergence of civilization between the two peoples. Translating the CULTURAMA to the German language is considered the cornerstone for further cultural and heritage activities between the Center and DAAD.