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CULTNAT Celebrates October Victory


On October 8th, 2013 CULTNAT commemorated the victory of the 6th of October 1973 War. The ceremony began with playing a movie titled ‘the Armies of the Sun’, written and directed by Shady Abdel-Salam. It was then followed by a photographic gallery portraying the life of the late President Anwar Sadat, pinpointing all stages of his personal and political life. Furthermore, the guests attended the famous CULTURAMA show of President Sadat, which included video shots from his speeches, the reports of foreign correspondents, and a review of all the documents regarding the Egyptian-Israeli peace process and the October War. A set of recordings that haven’t been published before are also presented.
Dr. Yasser ElShayeb, director of the center, said that this celebration reveals the keenness of CULTNAT to share the Egyptian masses in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the glorious October War victory.