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Nubian Women`s Day


Within the framework of the Cultural Program of CULTNAT, the center celebrated for the second year the “Nubian Women's Day.” The event was inaugurated on Wednesday 19th of September, 2013 and lasted for 2 weeks. The ceremony honors women from different local regions in Egypt that are distant from the city to highlight the importance of women in the Nubian community and the role they play at home. September has been chosen in particular because it is the month of Hathor in the ancient Egyptian calendar (which starts from 17 September until the 16th of October). Hathor is the ancient Egyptian goddess that played the role of mother, wife, protector and also the garrison eye of Ra.
A photo gallery of the artist Anton Albert took place during the ceremony showing the Nubian women’s life and the Nubian community. A Nubian handicraft products exhibition accompanied the ceremony and grasped the attention of different media channels.