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CULTNAT had participated in CIPA


CULTNAT had participated in CIPA conference that was held in Strasbourg-France from 2-6 September 2013. CIPA is a bi-annual conference that focuses on developing and using latest technologies in the Cultural Heritage domain. During the conference, Mr. Mohammad Nabil, Head of CULTNAT RDI Section, presented in the posters session a paper titled ‘3D Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Rock-Cut Tombs: the Case of M.I.D.A.N.05’. It’s worth mentioning that the paper discussed the work done by CULTNAT and PISA University to obtain a 3D model of an ancient Egyptian tomb, M.I.D.A.N.05, located in Draa Abu El Nagaa region in Luxor. The 3D model served the conservation and visualization purposes. The paper, co-authored by Ms. Marilina Betro from PISA University and Mr. Mohammad Nabil Metwally from CULTNAT, won the best poster presentation award.