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Proposed Protocol between CULTNAT and Ministry of Antiquities


On the 19th of May 2013, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Issa, minister of State for Antiquities met with Dr. Yasser El Shayeb to discuss ways to exploit information technology and possibilities of practical and intellectual energies provided by the center.
During the meeting, H.E. discussed the terms of the proposed protocol, to be signed between the two parties, through which the archaeologists will be trained to use the latest IT technologies in documenting antiquities. Moreover, the protocol commits to the formation of a team to document the antiquities and take advantage of the technology provided by CULTNAT to implement the project of the 3D scanning of the archaeological collection. The project can be applied to various Egyptian museums in an attempt to use the 3D scanning technique for the registration processes and archaeological documentation.
The Minister and Dr. Elshayeb also discussed the implementation of the panoramic show, CULTURAMA to be displayed in some of the archaeological sites. The CULTURAMA needs to be placed in an exhibition hall containing 9 detached panoramic interactive screens forming a semi-circle around the spectators. One computer is used for projection on these screens. The interactive scenes identify the most important aspects of Egyptian heritage ranging from prehistoric times and passing through the various stages of Egyptian civilization; Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic up till the modern era.
Furthermore, Dr. ElShayeb discussed with His Excellency the possibility of producing short documentaries for children, covering the different periods of the Egyptian history, aiming to develop a spirit of belonging and a sense of greatness of the civilization to which they belong, and to link the children to the heritage of their country.