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CULTNAT Documents the Nubian Heritage


Within the framework of cooperation and integration between Egypt and Sudan concerning shared cultures among them, an MOU was signed between CULTNAT, represented by Dr. Yasser ElShayeb, the director of the center, and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Media of the Northern State of the Republic of Sudan represented by Prof. Mansour Izz al-Din, director of Culture and Arts Department and the Association of Dongola for Nubian Cultural Heritage, represented by Mr. Mohamed Awad Mohamed Khair, the general secretary of the association. The MOU stated the need for a joint action in the field of documentation of the Nubian heritage using modern technology and the establishment of a joint committee to conduct the business and set up a headquarter for the Nubian Heritage in the northern state. The memorandum was signed in the Sudan House in Sayeda Zeinab area and was attended by Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan in Cairo, Dr. Mohamed Jabara, media advisor to the embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Egypt, Dr. Ibrahim Adam, cultural advisor, Dr. Hussein Hammad, head of the Supreme Council for the Sudanese community in Egypt, Mr. Ahmed Awad Nour, vice president of the Supreme Council of the community and the president of the Sudan House (Dar Sudan), and Mr. Adel Mousa, responsible for the documentation of the Nubian Heritage Project in CULTNAT.