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CULTNAT Launched the EGHeritage Application


EGHeritage is a mobile application developed by CULTNAT for the iPhone and iPad devices on iOS operating system. It’s a part of Egypt's heritage map, information network.
The application displays 5 types of heritage sites that are available in the form of layers of information on Cairo Map; each location is linked to its basic data (name, description, photos, etc…).
The database includes:
1. 37 sites of Pharaonic heritage.
2. 110 sites of Coptic heritage.
3. 475 sites of Islamic heritage.
4. 49 sites of Architectural heritage.
5. 10 sites of Natural heritage.
The application also displays the important landmarks in Cairo (clubs, universities, museums, public places, governmental organizations, tourist attractions, etc…).
The first version of the application is developed in Arabic. English and French languages will be added at further stages.
EGHeritage app is now available on the Apple Store through: